Orchestrate Mobile App

The Orchestrate Guest Tracker app is used by brand ambassadors on the ground during events like the Olympics or the Super Bowl. The app uses an RFID scanner to read ID badges and check guests into events. For instance, we might invite some guests to a private VIP party before the Super Bowl and we’ll use the app to scan guest IDs at the door. We might also use Guest Tracker to check guests into their hotel, or onto private transportation to certain events.

Improving the Experience

The initial version of the app was built in just a few days and wasn’t up to par with the rest of our products, so we set out do redesign the experience before the 2017 Super Bowl. Our design team worked to restructure the core navigation with a focus on simplicity. After some user interviews, discussions with key stakeholders, and a few quick prototypes we began to uncover areas of the app we could consolidate, move, and cut out. Once we felt confident in our new feature hierarchy we built a set of low-fi wireframes to explore key actions within the app: assigning ID cards, scanning IDs, and viewing guest profiles.

Visual Design

The primary goal of our redesign was to improve the user experience, but the original app was not in line with the rest of the Orchestrate brand guidelines. Without a clear design system the dev team sort of just went wild. To fix that, we designed a brand new UI library with a focus on interchangeable components that can be easily reused. The new UI is modern, simple, and in-line with the rest of the Orchestrate platform and marketing materials.

Guest Tracker App – Demo