Lowe's Approach to Home

In 2016 Lowe’s became the official sponsor of the Approach to Home for two MLB clubs – the Colorado Rockies and Texas Rangers. Lowe’s turned to GMR Marketing to help activate the sponsorship within the stadium and online across various social channels. Together with the help of the two MLB clubs we built a one-of-a-kind experience at each stadium that gave fans a chance to see what it’s really like to walk up to home plate, and show off to their friends in the process.

The Experience

The key interaction at both stadiums was an interactive video booth that prompted fans to select a style of music by answering three short questions, and then recorded a 10 second video clip of them walking up to home plate. During each fan’s walk to home, we blasted them with music, lighting effects, and fan cheers to create an attention-grabbing moment for anyone in the area. Our app then stitched each fan’s 10 second clip into a 15 second team-branded video with the audio overlay. Each fan then received a text message or email with the final highly-produced video where they could share their custom walkup video with their friends. A few lucky participants' videos were also featured within the stadium!

While waiting in line, fans could also take photos with a unique team-branded filter that showcased their personal choice of walkup music. Both interactions began on Opening Day and ran through the 2016 season.

App UI walkthrough

Example video output from the app

My Role

I was tasked with developing the overall user experience and interface design for the video capture, photo capture, and redemption process. I worked with project managers, designers and our development team to create a simple user flow and easy to use video capture application. Our design direction was heavily influenced by early stage focus groups and iterative user testing throughout the development process. I also helped design MLB-branded photo and video overlays as well as microsites, emails, and other marketing materials for the MLB website and app.